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Alimony Attorney in Pensacola, FL

Alimony Attorney in Pensacola, Florida.

Is your current or former spouse requesting that you pay alimony. What is alimony? If you are in a marriage, do you know what needs to be considered in making a demand for alimony?   In Florida and Pensacola, the terms “alimony”, “spousal support” and “spousal maintenance”,  are all synonymous. It is a legal obligation for a husband or wife to provide financial support to their spouse/or former spouse during divorce or continuing after the divorce is complete. Alimony / spousal support is generally available in divorce cases, where there is an inequality of income and a spouse needs financial assistance to sustain the standard of living established during the marriage.  Alimony obligations will often arise when one spouse has stayed out of the workforce during the marriage in order to take care of the family home, raise the couple’s children, and otherwise contribute to the family in ways other than direct financial contribution. Establishing a reasonable alimony award is not easy. There is no set formula to determine the amount but, Florida statute tells us the various factors to be considered. The amount of time that alimony will be paid must also be determined and it is also impacted by a great number of factors including, but not limited to the length of the term of the marriage, the age of the parties, and the ability of a party to rehabilitate themselves in order to earn a greater wage. Spousal support can also be ordered in a proceeding for “support without dissolution of marriage”. If this any of this sounds similar to what you are facing, contact Timothy Nusser at Timothy J. Nusser, P.A., a Pensacola alimony attorney.

As an alimony attorney, I help clients resolve spousal support issues in their divorce cases. I’ll advise you on whether you are likely to receive or to have to pay alimony and help you pursue a favorable outcome. I am familiar with the approaches taken by the courts in past alimony cases, and I use that information to help our clients negotiate a reasonable result. When negotiations are not successful, I am fully prepared to litigate spousal support issues in family court.

A family law attorney can discuss the criterion for awarding alimony and provide any advocacy that may be needed to help you secure the financial assistance that you need. Every case is different and should be analyzed by an attorney knowledgeable and experienced in Family Law matters.

Our firm works closely with clients when developing a divorce plan, and will diligently work to protect your rights with regard to alimony. An attorney with knowledge and experience can be a tremendous asset when you have specific divorce objectives.

Pensacola, Florida Alimony Attorney

Whether you are concerned about receiving as much alimony as the law allows or minimizing your exposure to your alimony obligation, we can help you understand your options and pursue your goals. For a free consultation, call our priority line at 850-437-5555.

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