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Annulments in Pensacola, FL

Annulment of Marriage in Pensacola, Florida.

An annulment is a legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void.  Unlike a divorce, it is retroactive, meaning that an annulled marriage is considered to have never taken place.  In legal terminology, an annulment makes a void marriage or a voidable marriage – null.  In Pensacola Florida, annulments can be pursued by the law firm of Timothy J. Nusser, P.A.

Annulments are quite rare. Many people call to inquire about getting an annulment because the marriage is less than 6 months in length or because their spouse isn’t the kind of person that they thought they were. Although a relatively common belief, the reasons most often presented are insufficient or are the wrong type of reason to request an annulment.

An action to dissolve a marriage seeks to terminate a valid marriage. An action for annulment seeks a ruling that the marriage is invalid and as a result of the circumstances in place at the time, the marriage never existed. Therefore, in the dissolution of marriage, the grounds for dissolution arise after the marriage is created. In annulment actions, the grounds for the annulment exist at the time of the marriage ceremony.

A full discussion of annulment would be quite lengthy because some marriages are void immediately and the impediment to marriage cannot be corrected. Other marriages are merely voidable, and the impediment can be overcome so that a valid marriage contract is created. For example, a voidable marriage would be one that was entered into when one party was so intoxicated at that time that they lacked the mental capacity to consent to marriage. If the intoxicated party ratified the marriage upon becoming sober, the marriage would no longer be voidable.

So, if you are in the Pensacola, Florida area and think that you are entitled to having your marriage annulled, visit or call Timothy J. Nusser, P.A. today at (850) 437-5555.

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