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Child Custody Attorney in Pensacola, FL

Child Custody Attorney in Pensacola, Florida.

Child custody is often one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. More money can be earned and personal property can be replicated but, this is not true when it comes to children. The parent/child relationship is unique. At Timothy J. Nusser, P.A., we understand the delicate nature of child custody issues and the emotional toll custody disputes can have on our clients and their children. Our approach is simple: We treat our clients’ families as we would our own.

Florida divorce law now requires that a parenting plan must be written and filed with the Court when a case involves minor children. The parenting plan outlines the child custody and time-sharing arrangement between the two parents. The plan should include provisions related to the child’s healthcare, school attendance, transportation, the manner in which the parents should communicate, the weekly overnight time-sharing schedule, and the holiday and Summer time-sharing schedule. If the parents are unable to come to an agreement, a Florida family law Judge or Magistrate will dictate the terms of the parenting plan.

When a court crafts a parenting plan, their primary objective is to further the best interests of the child. In determining the best interest of the child the court will consider many factors such as:

  •  The relative abilities of each parent to set aside their personal desires in order to promote a close and ongoing relationship with the other parent;
  •  The current mental and physical health of both parents;
  •  The existence of prior domestic violence allegations or charges;
  •  The relationship the child has with each parent;
  •  The relative ability to each parent to provide a stable living situation for the child;
  •  The parent’s work schedules;
  •  Sometimes, the child’s preference will be considered;
  •  Any other factor the Court deems to relevant and material to making a decision.

As an attorney representing a parent in a child custody case, I am committed to helping my clients not only accomplish their goals, but to do so in a way that protects their future relationships with their children. I take a personal approach to every case, offering tailor-made solutions to clients’ problems.

Every family is unique. In every child custody case, the court must carefully consider which arrangements are in the best interests of the child.

Child Custody Lawyers in Escambia County, FL

Our firm helps mothers and fathers pursue positive resolutions to these issues through negotiation or mediation when possible and litigation when necessary. If you have outgrown your current custody arrangement or there has been a change in your custody circumstances, we will help you with the modification and enforcement of child custody and visitation arrangements.

We are committed to assisting families through the contentious child custody process while avoiding unnecessary expense and drama.

Whether you and your spouse are working towards a parenting plan or facing the prospect of court-determined time-sharing, we are available to provide you with the knowledge and advice necessary to protect your rights and the best interests of your child.

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