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Child Relocation Lawyer in Pensacola, FL

Child Relocation Lawyer in Pensacola, Florida.

Do you need a child relocation attorney in Pensacola, Escambia, Santa Rosa or Okaloosa County? In the absent an agreement between parties, a Florida child relocation dispute may arise if the parent with whom the child lives primarily wants to move more than 50 miles further away from the other parent and the other parent objects to the intended move based on its potential effect on time-sharing and the parental relationship. In such a circumstance, the courts are often left to decide whether relocation of the child will be permitted. While a Florida court cannot deny a party the right to live wherever they choose, it can say where the child will live after consideration of the factors set forth in Florida statute.

Do you share custody of your child(ren), and you or the other parent wants to move a long distance away or out of state and take the child(ren)?  Relocation is often complex and it is as emotionally draining as child custody case can be. Navigating the relocation statute, the  child time-share issues and child support is difficult.

If your child is covered by a child custody order and you want to move the child’s residence more than 50 miles from the other parent, you would be well served by contacting experienced legal counsel before the move becomes imminent. Preparation of such a case requires a lot of information to assist the Court in making a decision.  If your child’s other parent is trying to relocate, you are entitled to challenge the relocation.

Pensacola Child Relocation Attorney

In today’s tough economy, employment is one of the major reasons parents may desire to relocate. Maybe you have been offered a job elsewhere. Maybe your current employer wants to transfer you out of state. Or maybe your current spouse needs to move for a job. We will carefully advise you on the details of your specific situation, guide you through the process, and advocate on your behalf in any necessary court proceedings.

Of course, one parent’s reasons for moving must be balanced with the other parent’s right to see his or her child. If you are concerned about relocation request by your child’s other parent, we can counsel you on your rights and help you pursue a favorable outcome.

The best interests of the child are paramount in this case, just as they are with regard to the establishment of a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule. But the best interests of the child include the right to have meaningful contact with both parents and to receive the best possible upbringing both parents provide.

If a primary residential parent moves without complying with the statutory requirements, that party could be held in contempt of court and could be ordered to immediately return the child(ren) to the jurisdiction.

Pensacola, FL Child Relocation Lawyer

There will often be many factors to consider, and it is important that all necessary procedures and requirements are followed so as not to jeopardize your rights or the welfare of your child.

As a family law attorney, I have the experience and knowledge you need to address all child custody matters.

There are a number of reasons a parent wants to move with his or her child. When there are child custody orders in place, however, the freedom to up and move can be hindered. If you plan to relocate but aren’t sure how it will impact your child custody orders, now is the time to get legal advice. A great first step in the process is to contact Nusser Law,  family law attorney in Pensacola Florida.

If you have any questions concerning parental relocation, please contact the child relocation lawyer Timothy J. Nusser, P.A us at 850-437-5555 for a free initial consultation.

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