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Divorce Lawyer in Eglin AFB, Fl


When divorce is inevitable and kids are involved you should contact an attorney who specializes in divorces. Those who have experience divorce in Eglin AFB, Fl understand that when seeking a competent divorce law firm in Eglin AFB, Fl, there’s only one number to call – 850.437.5555. This number belongs to the law firm of attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com. For over 30 years Eglin AFB Tim Nusser P.A. has help individuals find the best option to dissolve their marriage even when kids are involved. Family court is not fun for anybody. You are going to need emotional support as well as an attorney who looks your rights. Whether you reside in Beulah or Warrington, Florida, attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at the Nusser Law Firm will represent you and your kids with truthfulness and expertise only a law firm with more than 30 years of experience can offer.

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Eglin AFB, Florida

It will be inconceivable to think that anyone will ever plan for a divorce! Getting a divorce is ugly particularly when there is large number of assets and young kids. Unlike other states, Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Meaning that anyone can file for divorce without any fault. In the event where there is assets and or children it is always advisable if you are represented by a experience divorce lawyer. Family law attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at the Nusser Law Firm is not your average attorney. Mr. Nusser has received with the Martindale-Hubbell award. This is an organization that attorneys have rely for their own representation for more than 130 years. The AV Preeminent signifies the pinnacle of professional excellence. This award can only be achieved after a lawyer in Eglin AFB, Fl. has been review and recommend it by its peers. Now anyone can have access by a divorce attorney in Eglin AFB, Fl. that meets this criteria by calling divorce Timothy Nusser P.A. at the Nusser Law Firm at (850) 437-5555. if you’re not ready to make the call at this moment but would like to have additional details on the types of legal services we offer, perhaps you may want to visit our blog…

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Family Law Attorney, Pensacola, FL


Family law covers many diverse but, related aspects of family relationships. Some of the more common family law issues include:

1.         Prenuptial Agreements. A contract between two parties who intend to marry. The contract sets forth terms of actions that require cooperation during the marriage as well as terms that will be applied if a divorce is sought at a later time.

2.         Divorce. A lawsuit to end a marriage. Whether by agreement or as a result of litigation, a divorce will divide assets, assign responsibility for debts, address any issues of claims of a party to need alimony after the divorce, and determine the parenting rights and responsibilities of each party for any children born or adopted during the marriage. Child custody orders will include time-sharing rights, financial obligations, and decision-making procedures.

3.         Domestic Violence.  Family law attorneys also deal with domestic violence. Domestic violence cases often be a precursor to divorce. Orders are designed to protect an abused family member from future abuse. A domestic violence protection order against a person can have a substantial impact on their future employment opportunities.

4.         Step-Parent Adoption.  Some new spouses seek to adopt their stepchildren. This can be done with the consent of the biological parent. It can also be accomplished over the biological parent’s objection in some circumstances. Children over the age of 12 years must also give consent. Upon completion of the process, a new birth certificate is issued.

5.         Last Will And Testament.  A family law attorney can prepare a Last Will and Testament. A will is necessary to administer a person’s estate in accordance with their wishes upon their death. An attorney can provide advice on how to title real property and financial accounts for the purpose of avoiding lengthy probate proceedings. For large estates or complicated trusts, it is best to contact an attorney who specializes in Trusts and Estates. The same rule applies to lawyers who do estate work in staying away from Family Law and child custody matters.
Family Lawyer in Pensacola Florida

A family attorney in Pensacola, Florida deals with cases in the Family Law and Juvenile Division. Sometimes a case is heard by a Judge and sometimes by a Magistrate. All of the cases fall under the more general description of being “civil” in nature.

From representing a client in court to providing divorce mediation services in order to resolve issues regarding the division of property or child custody, support, and visitation. A divorce lawyer or attorney is often necessary, although not required, in a divorce process.

Timothy J. Nusser P.A., based in Pensacola FL, deals with all aspects of family law. He can provide advice, appear before the Court as your legal counsel or participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings such as mediation.

Disclaimer: The hiring of a family law lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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