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Divorce Lawyer in Pea Ridge, Florida


For some couples  divorce is inescapable it is always a good idea to know a good divorce attorney. Every one around Pea Ridge, Fl know that if seeking a expert divorce lawyer in Pea Ridge, Fl, there’s only one number to call – (850) 437-5555. This number belongs to the law firm of attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com. Since 1987 Pea Ridge Tim Nusser P.A. has help spouses find the best solution to unwind their marriage specially when monir children are involved. Divorce is not fun for all parties involved. You are going to need emotional support as well as a law firm who stands up your rights. Whether you reside in Mary Esther or Tiger Point, Fl, attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com will represent you and your minor children with integrity and expertise only an attorney with over 3 decades of experience can offer.

Find a Divorce Attorney in Pea Ridge, Florida

I don’t know of anyone that on their wedding night said to him or herself I need to reach out to a divorce lawyer. More often than not divorces can get really ugly this is more frequent when there is high-value monetary assets and minor children. Unlike other places in the US, Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Meaning that you don’t have to have a reason for getting a divorce. In cases where there is assets and or children it is best if you are represented by a seasoned family law lawyer. Divorce attorney Timothy Nusser P.A. at the Nusser Law Firm is not your run-of-the-mill lawyer. Mr. Nusser has been honored with the Martindale-Hubbell award. This is an organization that district attorneys have rely when looking for a attorney to represent them for over 130 years. The AV Preeminent signifies the pinnacle of legal ability. This reading can only be achieved after a law firm in Pea Ridge, Fl. has been review and recommend it by its peers. Now you too can have access by a divorce lawyer in Pea Ridge, Fl. that meets this criteria by calling the family law Timothy Nusser P.A. at the Nusser Law Firm at 850.437.5555! if you’re not ready to engage an attorney at this moment but would like to have additional details on the types of legal services we offer, perhaps you may want to check out our blog.

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Pensacola FL Domestic Violence Law Firm


Domestic violence occurs in many homes across the country. It happens without correlation to wealth, ethnicity or religion. Sometimes it happens only once. Other times, it is an abusive relationship that is a dangerous situation for the abused spouse, a child, and other family members. Domestic violence can involve current or former spouses, children, boyfriends, girlfriends, or another person who is currently or previously lived with you in the home.

Domestic violence may be prosecuted as a criminal matter or relief can be requested in the Family Division of the Circuit Court. If you are being abused by a family or household member or you claim that an allegation alleging domestic violence is false and a Civil Protection Order is being sought, you can contact Timothy J. Nusser, P.A. for representation.

In civil court, an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence can be issued. Issuance of an injunction does not necessarily require actual physical violence against you. A reasonable belief that you are about to become the victim of violence can be sufficient to take action. In other cases, you may be stalked by someone.

If you are fearful that you may be the victim of domestic violence, do not hesitate to contact the police. Many cases go unreported out of fear, psychological manipulation, or promises by the aggressor to stop the abuse. An order of protection against domestic violence can prohibit the aggressor from having any future contact with you, and require the immediate removal of the aggressor from your home without any warning to the abuser. The abuser may also be required to provide you with child support and alimony.

If you are accused of an act of domestic violence which you assert to be false, it is equally important that you take action, too. An order of protection can affect future employment opportunities, your ability to see your children, deny you your right to possess firearms, and/or require that you attend substance abuse counseling, psychological evaluations, and anger management counseling.

Timothy J. Nusser can explain all of your rights in detail and help you obtain the relief that is best for your individual situation. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-informed and adequately protected. Call us today to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the actions we can take to help ensure your safety and prevent further domestic abuse.

Disclaimer: The hiring of a domestic violence lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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