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Divorce Attorney in South Flomaton, Fl


For some couples  divorce is inescapable it is time for you to call a divorce attorney specially if kids are involved. Every one around South Flomaton, Florida understand that if looking for a expert divorce lawyer in South Flomaton, Florida, there is only one number to call – 850.437.5555! That number belongs to the law firm of attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com. For more 30 years South Flomaton attorney Tim Nusser P.A. has help individuals find the best option to dissolve their marriage even when kids are involved. Family court is not easy for all parties involved. All Paties are going to need emotional support as well as an attorney who stands up your rights. Whether you live in Century or Perdido Key, Florida, attorney Timothy Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com will represent you and your minor children with reliability and skill only a law firm with over 30 years of experience can deliver.

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in South Flomaton, Florida

While not a lot of couples plan to get divorce, studies show us that about 50% will! More often than not divorces can get really ugly especially when there is money and children. Unlike other places in the US, Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Meaning that you don’t have to have a reason for getting a divorce. In situations where there is assets and or children it is always advisable if you’re represented by a seasoned family law attorney. Family law attorney Timothy Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com is not your ordinary attorney. Mr. Nusser has received with an excellent rating by Martindale-Hubbell. This is an organization that lawyers have depended for their own representation for over 130 years. The AV Preeminent represents the pinnacle of expertise. This reading can only be achieved after a law firm in South Flomaton, Fl. has been review and recommend it by its peers. Now you too can have access by a divorce lawyer in South Flomaton, Fl. that meets this criteria by calling divorce attorney Tim Nusser P.A. at NusserLaw.Com at 850.437.5555! if you’re not ready to engage an attorney at this moment but would like to have additional details on the types of legal services we offer, perhaps you may want to visit our blog.

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Alimony Attorney In Pensacola, Florida


When a person is going through a divorce most of them are confused about their exposure to paying or receiving alimony/spousal support. Having a competent attorney on your side to guide you through the process and explain the strengths and weakness of your case is essential to ensuring that your risks are minimized. Tim’s long experience as a litigator, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and former Domestic Relations Court Magistrate can assist you this process.

If you believe that you may be at risk for paying alimony then you need someone that will work hard to ensure that you are not forced to pay more support than is reasonable or for a longer time than is reasonable. Let’s face it, there are some cases where we know that alimony has a very high probability of being ordered but, how much and what kind? There is permanent periodic, lump sum, durational, rehabilitative, pendente lite, and bridge-the-gap. Which one may apply to your case depends greatly upon a number of factors.

If you believe that you are entitled to receive alimony, it is just as important that you receive all that you may be entitled to receive. Perhaps you put off finishing school or you devoted a substantial amount of your time staying home to raise the children or to take care of the home while your spouse acted as the breadwinner for the family. You may be very concerned about your future finances because you have not developed a resume or work history. If so, Tim will use his experience to work with you and allay your fears to the best of his ability. You may need referrals for counseling or vocational training. Our office can provide you with information.

If success is to be reached, the attorney must have the ability to see the strengths and weakness of both sides. Tim will give you the information needed to understand your own case. He will work diligently to find the monetary settlement that you need or that sum which you can afford to pay in order to avoid the perils of litigation. If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, you can trust that he won’t back down just to settle your case and move on to the next. His many years of experience make him comfortable in the courtroom. Rest assured that Tim will listen to you and give you his best advice. Your best interests will always be in the forefront.

There are lots of attorneys in the Pensacola, Escambia and Santa Rosa area. Many do not have the level of experience that Tim offers.  If you have marital difficulties, we can help.

Disclaimer: The hiring of a Pensacola lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

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